Engineering Department

"Where the journey to quality begins"

Starting with a your drawing, we review your design. We start by looking at the overall design to help determine the best methods to manufacture a high quality part that you will meet and exceed your specifications.

We review the material called out, look into where breaks, forms, welds and grinds are best suited. This is the first step to determine the most efficient way to build your part.

As part of this "manufactuability review" we may offer suggestions on more economical ways to produce a part. Sometimes a design engineer may not be familiar with current manufactiuring processes or may call for a material that is not best suited for the application. Other times a part may simply be "over-engineered". At Swift, our Engineering department is trained to offer practical suggestions that can save you money in the final product. Of course, since it is your part, we will always manufacture to your exact specifications.