About Us

"From our Beginning Roots until Today"

Swift Atlanta was founded in Suwanee, Georgia in 1982. The business began as a manufacturer of high quality custom sheet metal components and assemblies serving the electronic and communications industries.

When Swift Atlanta was founded, the decision was made to be a full service provider and to perform all manufacturing processes in-house in order to provide total control over the quality of our products and the integrity of promised delivery schedules. Initially the concept was accepted very well by our customers and over time has proven to be important in maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Within seven years Swift Atlanta had outgrown its original 18,000 square foot building. In 1990 the business was moved to its present location occupying 54,000 square feet.

On August 1,1998, FlexTek Components, Inc., located in Des Plaines, IL, purchased Swift Atlanta enabling the business to expand its customer base and capabilities by increasing its electro-mechanical assembly facilities and adding new technologies throughout the facility as needed.

On August 17, 2001, Swift Atlanta was sold by FlexTek. With the new owners came a resurrection of the original concept along with a heightened attentiveness for delivering quality products and customer service.

Today, Swift Atlanta provides quality products and services to a broad range of markets and industries and has expanded its customer base to a wide range of industries.


Our Team

"Our People Make the Company"

One of our most important assets is the people that make up our "Team". We have folks that have been with Swift Atlanta since the very beginning.

Our employee turnover is one of the very lowest in the industry. That fact is so very important to us, and it should be to you as well.

Every morning we get together and review our priorities and eliminate any roadblocks that might prevent meeting our goals for the day.

When a new employee joins our team they have an opportunity to progress though several different departments, learning the skills required for each facet of our production.

It is through this process that we are able to provide you, the customer, with the very best Quaily products available.

About Us